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Fragments as casts for a dystopic city

In dialogue with Francesco Careri’s concept of Urban Drift, Alessandro Albrecht, Ines Kaufmann, Luiza Furtado [...]

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Behind Closed Doors

During Berlin Art Week 2022 BcmA art space opens a new exhibition that will affirm [...]

enclosed space

group exhibition "enclosed space" comprises artistic positions ranging from classical sculpture, photography and object. [...]






Kanta Kimura presents his new project Flatwave where takes up his previous artistic technique, intending [...]


The first presence exhibition opening this year Monday the 13th of September at 6 pm [...]

Lusus Naturae

21 January — 07 February 2021 26 February 2021 Eröffnung / Opening: 20. Januar, 18 [...]

Figure up

Figure up group exhibition 3 Nov. – 15 Nov. 2020curated by Euan Gray and Witte [...]

Die Form

Ausstellung während der Berlin Art Week, in unseren Räumen, vom 07.09.-27.09.2020, Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin. [...]

Clash Valencia Berlin

The logistically challenging exhibition stands under the sign of possibilities – bringing together two different [...]

𝐹𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙 𝑇𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝐴 𝑆𝑝𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑐

We’re excited to collaborate with Open White Gallery for the upcoming exhibition. From January 10-31, [...]

Round about

Exhibition opening, Saturday 16/11/2020, 7pm Artists Jaana Caspary, Elizabeth Charnock and Lydia Peter (deutscher Text [...]

Hold the Line

October 2019 - Contemporary Art exhibition at the project space BcmA in Berlin Kreuzberg 36. [...]

Drawing Wow

Drawing Wow BcmA kindly invite’s you to the exhibition opening of “Drawing Wow”.Over 60 artists [...]

The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between

The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between Katrin Caspar & Silje Nes   Opening: [...]

PAF 2019 Berlin

This year BcmA is taking part on the Performing Arts Festival Berlin happening from  28.05 [...]

Art Chat with Rishin Singh

We had a pleasure to chat with Rishin Singh, an artist behind the Exhibition Die [...]

Lecture Performance Night in BcmA

On Tuesday, 27th of November BcmA is hosting an unique Lecture Performance Night under the [...]

Contemporary Art is for the Rich: a Debate

On Wednesday, 21st of November 2018, BcmA is hosting the debate “Contemporary Art is for [...]

Die Grenzen unserer Welt: Exhibition by Rishin Singh

BcmA is delighted to present “Die Grenzen unserer Welt”, a solo exhibition by Rishin Singh. [...]

As far as I’m concerned – an Exhibition by Melissa Ortega

BcmA invites you to our upcoming installation exhibition by artist Melissa Ortega. Join us for [...]

Art Chat with Karin van Dam

Karin van Dam on her choice of materials to work with with, their treatment, her [...]

Art Chat with Isabel Kerkemeier

Isabel Kerkemeier on her choice of materials to work with with, their treatment, her artistic [...]

Tandem Flight, exhibition by Isabel Kerkermeier and Karin van Dam

Tandem Flight exhibition: This September BcmA opens its door for a visceral artistic dialogue between [...]

Solar Mass Ejection – by Mathias Hornung 

Solar Mass Ejection – by Mathias Hornung  August 22 – 31st  Vernissage 22.08 at 19h BcmA invites [...]

Calligraphy Workshops by Hsien and More Ink Between

Calligraphy Workshops by our curator Hsien and Taiwanese art collective More Ink Between is a part [...]

游於心 (FLOWING) – Exhibition about the Chinese Calligraphy

BcmA invites you to come, celebrate the art of the Chinese Calligraphy and enjoy a [...]

Film Screening: The Cow Farm by Ali Sheikh Khudr

Continuing the tradition of screening short and mid-length movies, this April in BcmA we are [...]

Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power

Calling All Artists! Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power This century’s [...]

The Storytelling Night

The Storytelling Night: From time to time… writers, readers and listeners meet read and listen, [...]

Eingang Gelb – Tao Astier

LA VOIE DE TAO, a nomadic film project, has been following a free and wild [...]

Hodgepodge – a collective exhibition

  Jerry Kowalsky, Wolfgang Flad, and BcmA invite you to an experimental exhibition by 19 [...]

Ladies Drawing Salon

4 Sessions to be part of LDS 18.01.  // 25.01.2018 15.02.  // 22.02.2018 Ladies’ Drawing [...]

Art Chat with Charles Simmonds

Watch to the full art chat Charles Simmonds. We invite you to take a look at his [...]

The Storytelling Night

On the Storytelling Night, Writers and Readers will have the pleasure to read contemporary stories. [...]

Wilder Garten vol. 4: Creation Playground

Friday 24.11./Saturday 25.11. 2017 Join us for the fourth edition of Wilder Garten’s Creation playground, [...]

Art Chat with Diala Brisly

Diala Brisly is one of those artists who understands and cherishes deeply the role of [...]

Exhibition: How soon is Home?

17th of October, 2017: Vernissage of the exhibition How soon is home? The exhibition How [...]

Fanzine Workshop: Drawing, Collage, Cut’n’Paste

This October we are hosting an extraordinary fanzine workshop: Drawing, collage, cut’n’paste, by Aro Varse. [...]

Events close to crisis point – Jerry Kowalsky

(German below) The crisis casts a colorful semantic shadow when the Dutch artist fabricates his [...]

Wilder Garten vol. 3: Creation Playground

This July the third edition of the event series Wilder Garten is here! Like always: [...]

LIMITS // Short Films Screening

LIMITS – an evening of inspiring short films, thought-provoking Q&A Discussions and pleasant chats in-between. [...]

Wilder Garten: A Cross-Medium Creative Playground

On 4th of March, 2017 we are hosting Wilder Garten – an immersive art night [...]

ART CHAT with Wolfgang Flad

Stepping into the artist studio of Wolfgang Flad lifts the spirits and inspires excitement as [...]

Video Art Screening: Working for the Working Man

Kleiner Salon welcomes Berlin based creatives Blank Blank to Premiere their newest project titled  Working [...]

Musik A La Minute by Ian Kornfeld and Bernhard Reiss

21st of October, 2016: Musik A La Minute is an outstanding piece of an audiovisual [...]

Dreams, 2007: Exhibition by Angela Kaisers

CARTOGRAPHER OF THE HEART Angela Kaisers’ work is a thorough map of the relief of [...]

Film Screening: BLU (Pop Up Kino Video Art Festival #4)

17th of January, 2015: Screening of the film BLU! We have the joy to host [...]

Screening: “How to love” internet video selection

Screening of How to love on 7th of November, 2014. How to love is an [...]

earlyhumanadapter Installation

earlyhumanadapter is the installation, an outcome of two months of intensive research on the topic [...]

Out of Love with Love | Units of Measurement

    OUT OF LOVE WITH LOVE  | Units of Measurement Under the mentorship of [...]