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The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between

The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between Katrin Caspar & Silje Nes   Opening: 13.6.19 Exhibition: 14.6.-26.6.19 Through sculpture and installation the artists Katrin Caspar (DE) and Silje Nes (NO) create scenarios where physical movement is transformed into sound. Moving, always changing, the exhibition explores moments of transition. Sound and vision is intertwined, objects […]

PAF 2019 Berlin

PAF performance art festival 2019 berlin flyer

This year BcmA is taking part on the Performing Arts Festival Berlin happening from  28.05 – 02-06.2019 Come and join us these four days of diverse performing and get to meet the artists. The Vernissage will be next Wednesday 29.05. at 19:19h. . ..•° ° o..•°•°°oO Sporadikos gemelos2000 & guests In Memoriam Witold Gombrowicz In […]