Behind Closed Doors

Flyer art exhibition Behind Closed Doors

On September 12th during Berlin Art Week we open a new exhibition that will affirm eroticism and nudity as the main motive. The exhibition called “Behind Closed Doors” will show artworks from many Berlin-based as well as international artists whose works depict the human body in its most intense moments. 

Through use of watercolours, oil paint, art objects, ceramics and other artistic mediums artists will evoke many hidden dreams, passions and desires from all imaginable artistic positions. 

Due to Europe’s inability to accept the truth for most of our era’s history, the nature of sex and eroticism was restricted for most of its period. It is actually an achievement of`last generations that we can freely present all the topics connected to the human body and a direct example for it is the latest contemporary art showing that our time is the peak of it. On “Behind Closed Doors” instead of lowbrow provoking art, artists will present the nature of closeness between people by transformation of the vulgar into the beautiful, standing on the border of sacrum/profanum. Exhibited artworks will be full of mystical and delicate visions of beauty and fantasy that will present current artistic reinventions of body’s aesthetics as well as direct representations of body intimacy which will be characterised by dynamism, intensity which will titillate both curiosity. The exhibition’s main motive will lead to discovering what one can not grasp and hidden, possibly waiting for their reveal passions. 


Many of the artworks will also narrate and depict ongoing sexual revolution, which elements include final LGBT+ normalisation, feminine sexuality as well as growing interest in sex due to pandemic home isolation resulting in 9% growth of sex toy market during covid restrictions. 

As eroticism is connected to human relations it will never be clear-cut and explicit. Artworks shown at the exhibition will resemble this element by presenting the topic from many many social and artistic positions. These will cover all the natural aspects of inter-human intimacy like humour, life-force, fantasy, potency, anxiety and confidence, malleability of reality and desire for openness or secretiveness. 


Conceptualisation presented at the exhibition will present disregard for compromised positions which watching and analysing will be a pleasure. 

As Pablo Picasso said “Erotic art has become an expression of the visceral, vital, subconscious power that we call desire, of which sexuality is merely one of many manifestations.” Therefore for him sexuality and art were the same thing. Perhaps he was right. 


Show details: 

Anastasia Egonyan
Caro Suerkemper
Celsius Moroder
Daniela Wolfer
Esther Levigne
Fee Kleiss
Katharina Arndt
Manuel Antonio Dominguez
Matija Mato Pišpek
Pietro Sanguineti
Piotr Dluzniewski
Shanee Roe
Tanja Selzer
Vanessa Raw

Opening September 12th, 2022, 6 pm, Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin

Finissage October 15th 6 pm, Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin

Show runs from September 12th until October 15th. 

Opening schedule: Thursdays&Fridays 16-20, Saturdays 12-17

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