City shapers

City Shapers flyer 2023
On June 12th 2023, BcmA will open its doors to the exhibition “City Shapers.” The space will host some of the most energetic people who are shaping the city with love, passion, and dedication through their huge art and music projects.
The reflection that the artists try to bring to the show through their works revolves around the question:
What shapes a city?
Can art and music shape a city and how?
Shining a light on how a city can be defined not only by its buildings and infrastructures but also by how people conceive the city and actively engage in public projects, shaping its framework and social network, BcmA would like to open a thinking space in June and July. It invites everybody to reflect on the impact that creative public work has on an entire community.
The event will focus on understanding the potential revolutionary art can develop along with the interfaces of various spheres, both in urban and public space, and the positions it can reach.
Our City Shapers
will investigate, from various perspectives, the way art and music in public spaces play a vital role in fostering community engagement, cultural expression, and social cohesion. They explore how it contributes to the city’s identity, promotes inclusivity, and offers inspiration to all who encounter it.

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