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Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power

Calling All Artists! Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power This century’s second decade reveals an unprecedented relevance of borders. Whether in politics or society, in academia or in art, borders are a central focus. The very attention we place on such divisions, drives our uncertainty about their very meanings and definitions.

The Storytelling Night

The Storytelling Night: From time to time… writers, readers and listeners meet read and listen, with lights dimmed. This is not a limelight event, therefore do not expect applause or feedback, unless it just happens (applause) or you let us know in advance (feedback). We highly appreciate and welcome work in progress. For this edition […]

ART CHAT with Wolfgang Flad

Stepping into the artist studio of Wolfgang Flad lifts the spirits and inspires excitement as one is immediately met with beautiful decorative installation pieces, a powerful energy and spaciousness that exudes contemporary sleekness and authentic style. The space has an uplifting energy, is brightly lit, minimalist and inviting. The creative playground exhibits a collection of […]