The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between

The Moment Before Falling, the Time in Between

Katrin Caspar & Silje Nes


Opening: 13.6.19 Exhibition: 14.6.-26.6.19

Through sculpture and installation the artists Katrin Caspar (DE) and Silje Nes (NO) create scenarios where physical movement is transformed into sound. Moving, always changing, the exhibition explores moments of transition. Sound and vision is intertwined, objects shifting, aiming for balance. The objects themselves become the performers in the space, displaying behavior very much dictated by their inherent material properties.

The works offer a close-up of two very different everyday materials: plastic and wood – the artificial and the organic. Removed from their conventional use, objects are transformed and placed in an unfamiliar situation, allowing for a restricted range of action. The arrangement of not one but several ones, create systems where movements will lead into rhythms and shifting patterns, in and out of synchronicity.

Silje short bio

Silje Nes takes interest in particular and physical manifestations of sound. In her work she explores the creation of environments that express a certain autonomy, removed from compositorial processes. As a musician she released Ames Room (2007) and Opticks (2010) on FatCat Records, as well as releasing music on her own label Noko Ana. She has been touring internationally and performing at festivals like Unsound, SXSW, NXNE, Øya and Way Out West. She holds degrees in Philosophy, Design and Sound Studies.

Katrin short bio

Katrin Caspar is an artist who works with electromechanical material creating mainly kinetic sculptures and sound installations, often inspired by everyday objects. She is interested in systems and network structures, their organization and potential rules and on a more complex level on their behaviors, how they act and perform and their possibilities for storytelling and performance. Katrin graduated from the University of Arts Bremen with Bachelor of Digital Media and received a Master in Fine Arts from the Valand School of Fine Arts in Göteborg. Her works have been shown amongst others at OHP Festival, Media Lab Prado, Pixelache Festival, Ostrale Dresden, LEAP Berlin, Kunstwerke Berlin, Transmediale, VIA/EXIT, Festival and WRO Media Art Biennale. ​


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