BcmA Art Space

Founded in 2010 by Ricardo de Larrea, Berlin con mucho Arte (BcmA) is an art space that aims to promote intercultural collaboration among German and international artists who have chosen Berlin as their creative hub. 
BcmA operates as a non-profit platform that nurtures the growth of art and culture through a collaborative project space. Our core mission is to empower both emerging talents and established artists, enabling them to curate, exhibit, and collaborate, thereby invigorating the vibrant Berlin art scene.

BcmA serves as a platform where art and culture converge, fostering boundless creativity. We offer support-changing programs encompassing art, film, literature, and theater. Within our dynamic exhibition space, artists can showcase their work, while also utilizing it as a stage for demonstrations, creative endeavors, and meaningful interactions. In essence, BcmA has become a cherished place, akin to a living room, for art enthusiasts.

Central to BcmArte’s vision is our commitment to social responsibility. We are driven by the noble aspiration to make art and culture accessible to all members of our local community. Through engaging in open discussions and encouraging reflective thought, we eagerly seek opportunities for collaboration. The doors of BcmA are wide open, beckoning you to immerse yourself in a world where art and culture harmoniously intertwine, fostering growth and flourishing creativity.




Our Team


Berlin con mucho Arte (BcmA) is managed by a group of esteemed individuals who are not only members but also talented artists themselves. The four dedicated individuals leading the space are Ricardo de Larrea, Jay Gard, Jeroen Cremers, and Wolfgang Flad. As a collective, they share a common vision and work daily to establish a welcoming and inspiring environment for artistic expression.

Driven by a shared belief in the power of art to transcend boundaries and bring people together, by their friendship and shared passion, they commit to providing a platform where artists can flourish, collaborate and showcase their talents. Due to their ongoing efforts, BcmA continues to thrive as a place where artists can find solace, inspiration, and a bright community in which to express their creativity.



Our Interns 


In addition, BcmA actively recruits interns from around the world to contribute their skills and expertise towards enhancing the project. By harnessing their diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives, our cherished interns play a vital role in improving our communication channels and bringing innovative ideas and valuable insights to our organization. Through their efforts, we strive to continually enhance our engagement with the public, ensuring effective and meaningful interactions with both our audience and the artists we collaborate with. BcmA embraces the opportunity to welcome interns from different corners of the globe, recognizing the invaluable impact they have on the development and success of our project.


Visiting Address: BcmA, Audre-Lorde-Str. 78, 10997 Berlin. Opening hours according to event schedule or by appointment. Imprint