BcmA Open Call – Artistic Dialog 2014

Artistic Dialogue was a project that brought together two artists to collaborate over the course of two months on a project conceived and mentored by inspiring academics. Eight artists worked under four distinct themes, finding new ways to communicate and challenge their work methods to create a joined exhibition. Different art disciplines were working together creating unexpected and experimental impressions, where failures were allowed. It was for us interesting that the art would not only be a static element in the space but that the artists tried to really use the space to present and form a dialogue between their artwork and the viewer. In this way we wanted to create a new meaning to the “exhibition space”. Below you can find more information on the four themes we had. Text and Curator of Artistic Dialogue format: Ricardo de Larrea. (Flyer: Raul Soria) Utopia of a Culture | One plus One makes Two? Somewhere in-between-ness | Out of Love with Love | Tomorrow’s Human Nature

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