Calligraphy Workshops by Hsien and More Ink Between

Calligraphy Workshops by our curator Hsien and Taiwanese art collective More Ink Between is a part of the FLOWING Exhibition.

The workshop will not only focus on the technical aspects of practicing Chinese calligraphy, but will also tell an important story of the spiritual value that calligraphy caries.

Chinese characters record China’s thousands years of history and still they are an important means of communication. The origins of Chinese characters have evolved into the words that we are using today. In this workshop we will select a few Chinese characters related to the exhibition, explain their history and bring participants to know and co-create them to become part of the exhibition. We are preparing a special banner sheet that everyone can work on together and that will be later displayed during the time of the exhibition. Join us! Free entry, all supplies will be provided.

Like I hope for my own future, I will be good
And all bad pass to the pen and paper,
And I will flow between the pen and ink.


22nd of July, 2018 Community and Culture

26th of July, 2018 Your name in Ink


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