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PAF 2019 Berlin

PAF performance art festival 2019 berlin flyer

This year BcmA is taking part on the Performing Arts Festival Berlin happening from  28.05 – 02-06.2019 Come and join us these four days of diverse performing and get to meet the artists. The Vernissage will be next Wednesday 29.05. at 19:19h. . ..•° ° o..•°•°°oO Sporadikos gemelos2000 & guests In Memoriam Witold Gombrowicz In […]

Lecture Performance Night in BcmA

On Tuesday, 27th of November BcmA is hosting an unique Lecture Performance Night under the title “When we burn down the borders will the haters inhale the fumes?” This Performance is a part of the running Exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt“. In his exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt” Rishin Singh invites us to reconsider the […]

Contemporary Art is for the Rich: a Debate

On Wednesday, 21st of November 2018, BcmA is hosting the debate “Contemporary Art is for the Rich”, as a part of Rishin Singh’s exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt”. To be successful in the world of Contemporary Art – as an artist, curator, gallerist, critic, viewer, or collector – must one be a member of the […]

Calligraphy Workshops by Hsien and More Ink Between

Calligraphy Workshops by our curator Hsien and Taiwanese art collective More Ink Between is a part of the FLOWING Exhibition. The workshop will not only focus on the technical aspects of practicing Chinese calligraphy, but will also tell an important story of the spiritual value that calligraphy caries. Chinese characters record China’s thousands years of history […]

Film Screening: The Cow Farm by Ali Sheikh Khudr

Continuing the tradition of screening short and mid-length movies, this April in BcmA we are hosting a screening of The Cow Farm by young Syrian director Ali Sheikh Khudr.   The Cow Farm is an intimate story about Hassan, unmarried villager who lives alone and runs a cow farm in an outskirt of a small […]