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Out of Love with Love | Units of Measurement

    OUT OF LOVE WITH LOVE  | Units of Measurement Under the mentorship of gender specialist Lorena Juan Gutiérrez, in this exhibition Angela Kaisers and Laura G. Jones explore the personal observations, repetitions, and variables that describe the dynamics of measuring romantic love by comparison with either external standards or individual experiences. In a […]

Somewhere in-between-ness with Nazli Kilerci

A dualistic theme by Nazli Kilerci 1. Language is a translucent medium, where “thoughts” and “feelings” are expressed and “things” are identified in a system that consists of words and verbs and prepositions that are brought within a frame of time, space and causality. But what happens, when one wants to pass thoughts, feelings, and experiences to another? […]

Art Chat with Lorena Juan Gutiérrez: Out of Love with Love

A gender theme by Lorena Juan Gutiérrez To love someone romantically is to experience a strong desire for union with someone who is deemed entirely unique. But is this intense emotional experience a universal experience, something that is quintessentially human, or is it merely an artificial emotion that belongs to a particular time and place? Is […]

Tomorrow’s human nature with Timo Maier

A transhumanistic theme by Timo Maier „Man is something that needs to be overcome“ – is what Nietzsche postulated in his Zarathustra around the end of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 21st century, the superman has found his technology-based counterpart in a transhumanism that sees itself as an international, cultural and intellectual […]