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Tandem Flight, exhibition by Isabel Kerkermeier and Karin van Dam

Tandem Flight exhibition: This September BcmA opens its door for a visceral artistic dialogue between Karin van Dam and Isabel Kerkermeier. Two artists, distinguished by their unique and in a way contrasted approaches to the treatment of materials and space, will indulge in a daring artistic conversation with each other. While preserving their signature aesthetics, […]

Solar Mass Ejection – by Mathias Hornung 

Solar Mass Ejection – by Mathias Hornung  August 22 – 31st  Vernissage 22.08 at 19h BcmA invites you to our upcoming exhibition with Berlin artist Mathias Hornung. Solar Mass Ejection –  an immersive print installation by Mathias Hornung, explores the unpredictable and powerful forces of nature and the increased activity of the sun on earth’s magnetic field since the middle of […]

Calligraphy Workshops by Hsien and More Ink Between

Calligraphy Workshops by our curator Hsien and Taiwanese art collective More Ink Between is a part of the FLOWING Exhibition. The workshop will not only focus on the technical aspects of practicing Chinese calligraphy, but will also tell an important story of the spiritual value that calligraphy caries. Chinese characters record China’s thousands years of history […]

Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power

Calling All Artists! Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power This century’s second decade reveals an unprecedented relevance of borders. Whether in politics or society, in academia or in art, borders are a central focus. The very attention we place on such divisions, drives our uncertainty about their very meanings and definitions.

Eingang Gelb – Tao Astier

LA VOIE DE TAO, a nomadic film project, has been following a free and wild girl, Tao, through the roads of already four countries. The journey of Tao is an art performance where every day is a day of création. Tao is skateboarding from France to Russia followed by two camera dudes in a van. […]