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LIMITS // Short Films Screening

LIMITS – an evening of inspiring short films, thought-provoking Q&A Discussions and pleasant chats in-between. We believe that gallery environment should pose no limitation for showcasing good art of any kind. Therefore, this spring we open our door and minds for film screenings. BcmA invites you to come, grab a drink, check out our currently […]

ART CHAT with Wolfgang Flad

Stepping into the artist studio of Wolfgang Flad lifts the spirits and inspires excitement as one is immediately met with beautiful decorative installation pieces, a powerful energy and spaciousness that exudes contemporary sleekness and authentic style. The space has an uplifting energy, is brightly lit, minimalist and inviting. The creative playground exhibits a collection of […]

Dreams, 2007: Exhibition by Angela Kaisers

CARTOGRAPHER OF THE HEART Angela Kaisers’ work is a thorough map of the relief of love and the borders of interpersonal relationships. With scientific accuracy, Kaisers accumulates data and information about her most intimate feelings and builds diagrams and graphs which in turn form constellations and patterns. Kaisers is a cartographer of the heart – […]

Screening: “How to love” internet video selection

Screening of How to love on 7th of November, 2014. How to love is an eclectic selection of Internet videos curated by Angela Kaisers, Laura G. Jones and Lorena Juan Gutiérrez To love someone romantically is to experience a strong desire for union with someone who is deemed entirely unique. But is this intense emotional […]

Somewhere in-between-ness with Nazli Kilerci

A dualistic theme by Nazli Kilerci 1. Language is a translucent medium, where “thoughts” and “feelings” are expressed and “things” are identified in a system that consists of words and verbs and prepositions that are brought within a frame of time, space and causality. But what happens, when one wants to pass thoughts, feelings, and experiences to another? […]