Clash Valencia Berlin

The logistically challenging exhibition stands under the sign of possibilities – bringing together two different artistic environments from two different places. The mediation of impressions, such as community, beyond cultural and geographical borders, is the focus of the artistic clash. The exhibition stands in contrast to the tendency of demarcation prevailing in current events. 

This exciting power struggle between stimulus and emotions grows in moments of closeness. Only in such moments of proximity can art tell its story of a better life; only then awakens the sense of possibilities that our present might just belonging. “It is simply not a political act for a work of art to say how the world would be better,” writes philosopher Christoph Menke.

About “Clash” Exhibitions

The exhibition “Clash Valencia Berlin” is the third exhibition in the series of  “Clash Art Exhibitions”. The exhibitions “Clash” are conceived and curated by Ricardo de Larrea Remiro, art thinker and facilitator living and working in Berlin. Each exhibition is organized in collaboration with participating artists. Previous exhibitions “Clash Madrid Berlin” was held in Madrid in 2018 and “Clash Berlin Madrid” was held in Berlin in 2019. Next cycles of “Clash” Exhibitions will be presented in London, Montreal, Toronto with more locations to come.

Artists for this edition “Clash Valencia Berlin”: 

Minor Alexander (Berlin) 

Marie Aly (Berlin) 

Nicole Bianchet (Berlin)

Isabel Borges (Berlin)

Bram Braam (Berlin)

Rafa de Corral (Valencia) 

Janine Eggert (Berlin)

Wolfgang Flad (Berlin)

Heike Gallmeier (Berlin)

Wolfgang Ganter (Berlin)

Christian Henkel (Berlin)

Vanessa Henn (Berlin) 

Mathias Hornung (Berlin)

Isabel Kerkermeier (Berlin)

Kanta Kimura (Berlin)

Jerry Kowalsky (Berlin)

Elena Marti Manzanares (Valencia)

Sandra Meisel (Berlin)

Lea Asja Pagenkemper (Berlin)

Manfred Peckl (Berlin) 

Jose Antonio Picazo (Valencia) 

Paul Pretzer (Berlin)

Anja Schwörer (Berlin)

Caro Suerkemper (Berlin)

Organisers and curator:

About Carmen Bonet Saltamontes

Co-organiser of the “Clash Valencia Berlin” Exhibition on behalf of Sporting Club Russafa, Carmen works as a cultural manager, performing arts programmer and public relations manager. Her life at Sporting Club Russafa involves working with various artists and being surrounded by paintings, sculptures and art installations. Carmen, an actress and dancer by profession,  has been a cultural agitator in the Ruzafa district. She is driven by her love of the arts since she was a child and her different experiences and encounters have led her to this wonderful project. She met Ricardo de Larrea a few years ago in Berlin and approached him with her interest in producing conjointly this edition of “Clash Exhibitions” in Valencia.

About Ricardo de Larrea 

Founder, curator and organiser of the “Clash” Exhibitions.  Ricardo de Larrea born in Heilbronn, Germany to spanish parents has always kept a close tie to his spanish roots. Coming from a strong artistic influenced family, his father being a visual artist and his grandfather a musicologist, art has always been a part of his life. In 2010, Ricardo moved to Berlin where he currently resides after having lived in the south of Germany and Barcelona. He founded BcmA, an organization facilitating art projects and curating international exhibitions. Since 2012, BcmA found its permanent space in the heart of culturally vibrant Berlin-Kreuzberg. Ricardo lives and works between Berlin and Valencia, with frequent trips in Europe curious to meet new artists and grow his international network of collaborators. BcmA-


For “Clash Valencia Berlin” Exhibition inquiries:

Curator, Ricardo de Larrea Remiro, BcmA 

For Press and Media inquiries:

Claudia Emde, emde Agency 


Sporting Club Russafa, Carrer de Sevilla, 5, 46004 València, Spain

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