Contemporary Art is for the Rich: a Debate

On Wednesday, 21st of November 2018, BcmA is hosting the debate “Contemporary Art is for the Rich”, as a part of Rishin Singh’s exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt”.

To be successful in the world of Contemporary Art – as an artist, curator, gallerist, critic, viewer, or collector – must one be a member of the significantly wealthy Class? Is all art which critiques the dominance of this Class within Contemporary Art, and society at large, either institutionally ignored or eventually co-opted, turned into extravagantly expensive economic instruments, emptying the work of all its critical power?


Clementine Butler-Gallie (gallerist; East of Elsewhere)
Maria Isserlis (curator; Aperto Raum / Aki Aora)
Mohammad Salemy (curator and academic; The New Centre for Research & Practice)
Paul Sochacki (artist and editor; Arts of the Working Class)
Ivor Stodolsky (curator; Perpetuum Mobile / Artists at Risk)

Mediated by Rishin Singh

The exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt” runs until December 4th. Check it out:

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