Drop It

BcmA participates in this year’s gallery weekend with the exhibition ‘Drop it!’.

We have invited several artists to drop by BcmA’s gallery space with an art work of their own, installing it on the spot.

Artists from both London and Berlin are invited to collaborate in this way of establishing an exhibition in the name of community, serendipity, and randomness.

Thus various themes and ways of expression will merge on the gallery walls, all while being in the medium of paper work. We invite everyone to come by on April 22nd between 4-8 pm to enjoy an evening together while experiencing how an exhibition slowly comes together.



Vernissage : 22nd April 2024  –  pm

Opening times: Thursday/Friday  4 pm – 8 pm, Saturday 12 pm – 5 pm 

Finnisage : 3rd May 2024 6 – 10 pm


Participating Artists:

Jeanne Susplugas @jeannesusplugas  https://www.susplugas.com/ 

Joe Hesketh @hesketh.joejoe   http://www.joehesketh.co.uk/ 

Jost Münster @jost_muenster  https://jostmuenster.net/de/home

Paul Sakoilsky @paulsakoilsky https://www.paulsakoilsky.co.uk/home 

Keelertornero @keelertornero https://keelertornero.com/ 

DJ Roberts  https://www.djroberts.org/contact 

Alexandre Bianchini @alexandrebianchini.arte 

Jake Clark 

Paul Carter http://paulcarter-art.com/ 

Rae Birch-Carter @drawing.rae

Nicole Frobusch https://www.nicolefrobusch.com/paintings 

John Smith 

Marjorie Abela @marjiabela  https://www.marjorieabela.com/ 

Marcus Bastel @marcusbastelphoto  https://marcusbastel.com/ 

Stephen Harwood @stephenharwoodartist  http://www.stephenharwood.co.uk/ 

Mandee Cage 

Saskia Edens @edenssaskia  https://www.saskiaedens.com/ 

Martha Parsey @marthaparsey  https://www.marthaparsey.com/  

Oliver Abraham 

Nick Curtis @nickcurtis_artist https://www.nickcurtisartist.com/about 

Becky Baur @becky_baur  https://www.beckybaur.co.uk/

Genevieve Closuit 

Patrick Bryson https://www.patrickbryson.co.uk/ 

Zoran Pejic 

Bobby Lloyd https://www.bobbylloydstudio.com/about 

Dragan Aleksic 

Simon Foster-Ogg 

Janie Jones https://janiejonesart.com/ 

Adam Dix https://www.adamdix.com/ 

Tom Hunter https://www.tomhunter.org/ 

Rebecca Scott  https://rebecca-scott.com/ 

Tisna Westerhof @tisnawesterhof https://www.tisna.com/about 

Mark Woods 

Simon Liddiment @simonliddiment

Shane Bradford @shanebradfordstudio https://www.shanebradford.com/ 

Pascal Rousson 

Cedric Christie @cedricchristiestudio

Kate Bland @kate_bland_studio  https://www.katebland.com/about 

David Fryer 

Doug Haywood @doug.haywood.artist

Kateryna Hrabenko  https://www.kategorbenko.com/ 

Russel Terry 

Lars Wolter  https://www.larswolter.com/ 

Gisli Bergmann @gislibergmann

Gavin Turk https://www.gavinturk.com/ 

Goswin Schwendinger https://schwendinger.london/ 

Charlotte Schwendinger 

Jeff Mc Millan @jeffmcmillanstudio  https://www.jeffmcmillan.co.uk/ 

Charlotte Hopkins-Hall https://charlottehopkinshall.com/ 

Jack Mama @jack.mama5 


Cornelia Parker 

Manuel Antonio Domínguez Gómez @manuelantoniodominguez https://manuelantoniodominguez.com/es/ 

Martina Rodriguez Moran @martina.rodriguez.moran 

Konrad Ross https://www.konradross.com/ 

Jens Wolf @wolfjenswolf  https://jenswolf.net/ 

Elizabeth Charnock @elizabethcharnock  https://elizabethcharnock.com/ 

Sue Irion @sue.irion

Gabriela Jolowicz @gabrielajolowicz https://www.hey-gabi.de/ 

Hugo Larqué @sueltenme

Volkan Diyaroglu @volkan_diyaroglu  https://www.volkandiyaroglu.net/ 

Sherry Shayan @sherry.shayan

Elena Zieser @el_zione  https://elenazieser.de/about 

Ronny Szillo @ronnyszillo  https://ronnyszillo.de/ 

Bernhard Vierling @bernhard_vierling  https://www.vierling.berlin/ 

Elena Redaelli @eredaere.e

Andrea Melgaard Uhldahl (Egnestreger) @egnestreger https://readymag.website/andreauldahl/4244555/7/?fbclid=IwAR2uRxIrfLtJkOv7-kJIp90f1niWCXgFgLlGw1-S6lM1Y8ac-qBy59GB4bY_aem_AR7VEvtXPhqfMDp4-TgcaWTWRtUHCXIJ4J1V_v3KeB032SO5yhRCCxq-CL2jbkjAhZNTYB4aF2YWm5_Ubtdx4R04 

Martino Santori @martipesci

Mārtiņš Dziļums @osvaldsburacho

Jana Jacob @jana__jacob  http://janajacob.com/ 

Fee Kleiss @feekleiss

Matjia Pispek @matijamatopispek

Anton Schön 

Regina Quesada @regina_quesada https://www.reginaquesada.com/ 

Sandra Gramatzki 


Barbara De Vivi @barbara.devivi  https://www.barbaradevivi.com/ 


Linda Carrara 

Karina Villavicencio https://karinavillavicencio.com/ 

Jeroen Cremers @jeroen.cremers   https://jeroencremers.com/ 

Charlie Read Clark 

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