earlyhumanadapter Installation

earlyhumanadapter is the installation, an outcome of two months of intensive research on the topic “Tomorrow’s Human Nature” ­ a transhumanistic theme selected by the collective BcmArte for the program artisticDialogue.

Guided by the help of mentor Timo Maier, sound artist Roberta Busechian and multidisciplinary artist Thomas Heidtmann have created an interactive work that connects the exterior with the interior of the space and use sound, projections and an EEG-­Neurointerface to create an immersive experience for the audience.

Transhumanism sees itself as an international, cultural and intellectual movement with the goal to improve human nature through the use of technology. The targeted life-form is the human machine, the cyborg, as a utopia of evolutionary and biological technology through the fusion of body and technological prosthesis. Whether bio-hacking, body-modification, aesthetic, cosmetic surgery or surgery for changing one’s sex: the relationship between man and his body is constantly objectified, deliberately disturbed, one’s own body becomes an object which can – thanks to technological progress – be changed at will for less and less money moving towards a better, improved, more suitable man, both on the inside and outside.

But how does this technological and physical change of being human influence the way we see ourselves, the way we see others or our social life? How will our relationship to our bodies change, if the latter increasingly become objects of modification? And what hopes and fears do we project onto our self-chosen new creation?

Timo Maier is an expert in digital communication strategies and their concepts with a special focus on social interactions and new collective processes shaping art, politics and society. Founder of transdemo e.V. (non-profit association for politics, arts and technology).

Roberta Busechian studied Fine Arts in Venice and since 2013 the Masters “Art in Context” in the UdK in Berlin. Her areas of interest are sound installation and the study of sound in general.

Thomas Heidtmann after studying arts in the UdK devotes himself to the design of interactive installations and the research of participative art approaches.

For more information about their research and activities go to the project blog earlyhumanadapter.wordpress.com

Vernissage 2nd October at 19:00
Open from 2nd October to 9th October 2014
Opening hours 19:00 to 22:00

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