Eingang Gelb – Tao Astier

LA VOIE DE TAO, a nomadic film project, has been following a free and wild girl, Tao, through the roads of already four countries. The journey of Tao is an art performance where every day is a day of création.
Tao is skateboarding from France to Russia followed by two camera dudes in a van. In each country she is crossing, Tao is creating a monochrome performance. Holland was BLUE, now it’s Germany. And Germany is YELLOW. Threw a color, Tao is asking the people she meets to take action.

Tao will be in Berlin for a week making a 3 days residency at Kleiner Salon. There, she will meet Zahra Luengo, a fantastic street decollage artist that is as well making a residency in the space. What will come out of this residency? Come and see by yourself on Wednesday the 5th of July.

What we can tell you is that the key color of this evening is YELLOW. So put out your best outfits, or objects, or even food that have YELLOW in it. There will be a video projection made by the lovely Mehdi Rondeleux and Lucas Palen, and Tao will show us her work she is doing on her way.
Better come and see by yourself !

There will be a bar with fresh Pastis and beers, or when South of France and Berlin meet.

Check the work of these 2 wonderful artists over here :

La voie de Tao Film project : https://www.facebook.com/tao.astier/

Zahra Luengo : https://www.facebook.com/zahraluengo/

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