Exhibition: How soon is Home?

17th of October, 2017: Vernissage of the exhibition How soon is home?

The exhibition How soon is home? focuses on the process of how we create our homes and what this means for us. Women artists, illustrators and creators with south American roots get together to tell their individual stories about “Home”, term which has been historically so bounded to the role of women in society. We gather to tell you our stories and how this has led us to create and re-create home, migrate and give birth to our identity to become who we want to be.

Aro Varse has been doing fanzines for 10 years, she remarks the importance of zines as a document of do it yourself culture that portraits in a horizontal way the declaration of thoughts, proposals and expressions from the voice of the one that lives them. “Zines are a document that represent what is going on in the environment where they are born. For this reason, they are showing an unofficial history that just as a puzzle reveals to us in a diverse manner the complexity in which society is weaved.” During all these years of zine-making she has also managed to make an archive of fanzines which represent the counter culture of Latin American independent publishing and she has played an important role in the strengthening of the Latin American DIY publication networks.

Manuela Garcia Aldana is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia, who lives in Berlin since three years ago and is characterized by her nomadic and seeking spirit. Existencialist questions remark details from the everyday life. Storytelling of different cultures, speeches and people, sometimes addressed from the questioning and others, from the need to make them visible is one of the aspects of her work. Thanks to her persistence in making art something closer to everyday life, she has taken her drawings to tattoos done in a way handmade, called Hand Poked Tattoo. The theme and question for home has become a central point of her daily life and also her work.

Maria Chalela Puccini is a visual Artist, born and raised in Colombia residing in Vienna, Austria. What does self-representation mean today? How do we define our identity today? Chalela Puccino addresses these questions in painting and stop-motion film using Sel-Portraiture as the main motif and essence of her work.

Projects: La Cachina, Fanzine festival in Quito Ecuador.
La Micro Editorial Poder Amazónico
Microeditorial Runa
El Contenedor Fanzine in Puebla, Mexico

Illustrated Fanzine Release.
Illustrators: Diana Paz, Rapiña, Camila Alreves, Manuela Garcia Aldana, Gabriela Guarnizo, Angelica Liv, Carolina Urueta, Lina Moreno, Carolina Cruz, Juliana Toro, Tanya Teibtner.

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