Fanzine Workshop: Drawing, Collage, Cut’n’Paste

This October we are hosting an extraordinary fanzine workshop: Drawing, collage, cut’n’paste, by Aro Varse. The latin way.

In this fanzine workshop we will do simple exercises with drawing and collage making as base for creating content that can be used for creating a fanzine but also all types of diy prints like posters, flyers and even birthday cards. The set-up and preparation of the fanzine will be done in the old lo-fi xerox photocopy way but if some are interested in having it digital, Ariadna will also assist you to upload it into an opensource format in the web.
This workshop is made for all people interested in communicating with pictures and image scopes that wish to keep the fanzine spirit alive.

Aro Varse, Drawer, Illustrator and Fanzinera, studied Plastic Arts in the Visual Arts Institute of Puebla State in Mexico. She has managed to build her own fanzine library of south american independent publications which she will show in Roma before joining us. She focuses on the development of research projects that deal with independent publishing and alternative editorial works, mixing art and editorial experimentation since 2010. Her work has helped to build a bridge between her home country, Mexico and Ecuador where she is now based.

We ask for a 10 to 15 EU donation which includes all materials, tea and cookies.
Please sign up to as we have limited spaces.

Date: On 21st of October, 2017

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