Teaser Flyer for Kanta Kimura exhibition Flatwave 2021 at BcmA

We invite to the opening of the exhibition Flatwave of the artist Kanta Kimura, on October 26, 2021, 3 pm – 9 pm, Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin (Location)

Kanta Kimura

The Flatwave project takes up Kimura’s previous artistic technique, but is intended to make an explicit extension into digital space and to focus much more strongly on the performative. The dynamics of image creation are to be made just as comprehensible as the processes of image deletion.
In Flatwave, it is not a completed painting that is to be made visible, but the emergence of the image and its regression to its previous state as monochrome color. Kimura wants to show the performance online as a live stream. The painting will thereby be time-based, the act of its creation made comprehensible. In principle, the robot’s automated process can be repeated at will and with precision, since the paint does not dry and solidify. On the one hand, the pattern always evolves back to its origin as a monochrome color surface; on the other hand, the repetition of the robot also makes it possible to visualize temporal processes, because the process of repetition leaves its traces; past and future become imaginable, while at the same time the moving image always exists only in the moment, remains arrested in the absolute present.

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