BcmA Arts Project Space hosts the HodgePodge, an experimental collective exhibition by 19 different artists. Initiated by  Jerry Kowalsky and Wolfgang Flad, this exhibition opens a space for free experimentation and spontaneous collaboration.

Through the Hodgepodge, BcmA provided a platform for multi layered dialogue, resulting in a (con)fused mixture of different approaches and impulses. Day after day, each artist is confronted individually with a unique starting situation and interacts with it in his or her own way. However, the personal work is sacrificed to the higher goal and flows into the fused outcome. The individual takes a back seat, the focus is irrevocably on the entire work without a clearly recognizable handwriting of each individual artist.

For 14 days, before February 16th, in random order, one or two artists take over the spaces and has the freedom to erase everything, to add,  to respond, to leave the space as it is. Each artist, like with a collage, interacts with works that have already been applied. Or does not. Each day, artist can be observed in theri working processes. On the 15th day, February 16th, BcmA opens the space with the presence of all artists in a Vernissage and presents the resulting artwork. On the following day, the exhibition is taken down.

Participating artists:
Ab van Hanegem Joanna Bambi Buchowska Dag Przybilla Wolfgang Flad Sebastian Hammwöhner Marc von der Hocht Jerry Kowalsky Minor Alexander-Jungblut Jan Muche Julia Münstermann Rainer Neumaier Manfred Peckl Vincent Rischer Betti Scholz Anja Schwörer Lukas Troberg Gabriel Vormstein Jens Wolf Lukas Glinkowski Markus Merkle