Hold the Line

Hold the line exhibition flyer BcmA

Our upcoming group show „HOLD THE LINE“ at BCMA project space features three emerging Berlin artists:

Minor Alexander, Peter Böhnisch and Vanessa Henn.

„HOLD THE LINE“ focuses on the basic question that the materiality of an art object invokes its pictoriality and perception.
Opening on Thursday, October 24th 2019 tat 7 pm „HOLD THE LINE“ connects three artistic positions by exploring their visual contrasts and counterparts.

Fascinated by underwater worlds that Minor Alexander discovered in his Ukraine childhood he creates magic and colorful surfaces by drawing with tree roots and transforming paintings into three-dimensional objects.


Reinforced by the sand material used by Peter Böhnisch in his recent works the dynamic, colour-fast shapes merge the boundaries between painting and relief. Contures seem to arise and to fade at the same time.


Playing with everyday architecture surrounding us Vanessa Henn combines formal reduction with observations of situations happening in public spaces. Colourful trials referring to bridges, fences, paths and other pieces hold a sophisticated view on functional elements.


Text: Eugenia Selkind


Come first serve first: free drinks during the first show opening hour!

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