Lecture Performance Night in BcmA

On Tuesday, 27th of November BcmA is hosting an unique Lecture Performance Night under the title “When we burn down the borders will the haters inhale the fumes?” This Performance is a part of the running Exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt“. In his exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt” Rishin Singh invites us to reconsider the very notion of borders. Geopolitical borders not only divide the planet, but segment us internally. Therefore, in creating a world without borders we must also simultaneously unlearn our own embodied borders. But how do we do this work, and how will we change as a species in this future world?

BcmA cordially invites you to an experiment in polylingualism and involuntary action:

“The interrupting body” – a lecture performance by Rishin Singh
“When we burn down the borders will the haters inhale the fumes?” – an intervention conceived by Rishin Singh within the lecture “Bottoming Autonomy” by Bill Dietz

(Design by Anna Bernhardt)

These two lecture performances – while tackling the theme of Borders – avoid being blinkered by both Identity Politics and universalist claims of political rights and freedoms. By examining embodied modes of listening and speech, they demand of every audience member to navigate their own path to a collective agreement on how we can together create a space flexible enough to incorporate a multitude of individual narratives.

Performers: Anna Bernhardt, Elva Olafsdottir, Marc Hiatt, Melissa Ortega, Natasa Nikolic, Ali Sheikh Khudr

The exhibition “Die Grenzen unserer Welt” runs until December 4th. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/2129971467257594/

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