Musik A La Minute by Ian Kornfeld and Bernhard Reiss

21st of October, 2016: Musik A La Minute is an outstanding piece of an audiovisual art Ian Kornfeld and Bernhard Reiss. Remarkable and dreamlike images flow together with spherical, condensed layers of sound. Immerse yourself in a hypnotizing improvised audiovisual experience where you are free to let your mind drift and explore a fantastic new world!

Ian Kornfeld is an Argentinian audiovisual artist dedicated mainly to experimentation in the fields of music, plastic, video art  and expanded cinema, and particularly on the confluence between these disciplines. In 2000 he co-founded the audiovisual collective Pornois, and in 2012 he founded ANTIPLAN, his current main audiovisual project. He also created live projections and video performances with numerous artists, as well as many music videos and short films. His work as a video art showcasing flows between macro landscapes, moving-paintings and audiovisual-sculptures, and is characterized by having deep detail in fully handcrafted images, where is always an unexpected amount of underlying content. The links between rhythm-movement, and color-timbre are one the main axis of his constant search.  On the improvisation sessions with Bernhard Reiss, Ian Kornfeld uses only original sources, without using any footage or computer generated material.

Bernhard Reiss, Berlin-based composer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, is active in the areas of Electronica and the improvisatory field of Musik A La Minute, working across and beyond genre boundaries as a solo artist as well as with various collaborators. Musically, his style subscribes to the spaces in-between, and is characterized by idiosyncratic combinations of polyrhythmic structures within an atmospheric layering of sound. Bernhard has composed music for film, theatre, and dance; and he produces live improvisations for silent movies, art installations and public performances. He has toured the world as a drummer for Barbara Morgenstern’s band and was a founding member of Freundschaft.

Musik A La Minute is a cooking reference for food prepared in the moment and with the freshest ingredients. Similarly Musik A La Minute are live, musical improvisations that respond to the performance environment and are created with the instruments that are on hand. Bernhard Reiss usually plays a modulated bass guitar and percussion. The following live video clips represent a selection of improvisations created in different parts of the world over the past few years.

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