not so sure

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not so sure

Birte Bosse & DAG

July 8 –July 29, 2022
Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997, Berlin

Friday, July 8, 6–10 PM


Birte and DAG present at BcmA their collaborative work. Birte and DAG never worked together, and even though they have many contacts in common, they only briefly know each other. The work will be challenging not only artistically but also personally. The lines are a common ground for sure in both current artworks. The result will be a revelation in which two artists will overcome their prejudices and fears – “not so sure” what the result will be – but for sure exciting.  


Birte Bosse born 1984 in Gehrden, Germany. The line is strongly present in her work, sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations. She studied at the University of Arts in Braunschweig, Germany.

DAG born in 1964 in Eberswalde, Germany, started his art career in 1985. and he is known for the abstract geometric forms in his artwork. He studied at Art Academy Berlin Weissensee and art education at Humboldt-University Berlin. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


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