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Open Call 2018: Power of Borders | Borders of Power

This century’s second decade reveals an unprecedented relevance of borders. Whether in politics or society, in academia or in art, borders are a central focus. We consider borders when discussing loaded issues including expanding globalization, debating about migration policies, examining personal identity, or interpreting gender theories. The very attention we place on such divisions, drives our uncertainty about their very meanings and definitions. These both invisible and visible complexities that surround us, impose on us, and implicitly or directly guide our actions, are present on innumerable scales and even in our unconscious identity.

BcmA invites you to examine, challenge and possibly redefine the notion of borders by responding to one or many questions related to this topic. What are borders, in fact? What power do they have over, or for, our lives? How do we define them and identify the underlying mechanisms that enable these borders to perform? At which scale do we feel them, feel restricted by them, or feel safe and free within them? Who creates borders? Are we also the creators and whom and what do we border? What entices us to do so today, in a time when nothing is as cherished as personal freedom? In which way are the instruments and effects of personal borders essentially different from that of systematic ones? What is the power these borders carry?

About Us:
BcmA (Berlin con mucho Arte ) is a non-profit cultural and artistic platform for artists in Berlin to present and create new ideas and making art and culture accessible. The space supports changing programs from a variety of interdisciplinary fields.

BcmA will select from two types of works to host in our space, workshops and exhibitions. We are warmly welcoming experimentation as well as mastered techniques, as long as they challenge the space. Both emerging artists as well as art professionals are invited to apply. Submitted works are welcome from all media and can come from the fields of fine art, music, theater, installation, art performance, dance, film and media. Selected proposals will take place in November/December. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Final selections will be made by June 15th, 2018.

Submission Instructions:
Apply as an individual or a collective of up to 3 artists. At least one artist must be Berlin-based.
Complete the entry form online:
Project proposal (see form)
Vitae PDF
Link to Website / Portfolio / Artwork samples
No entry fee.

Deadline to apply: May 31st, 2018, 24h

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