Calling for performance artists!

This August, BcmA is exploring the notions of public and private sphere through  a sequence of performances in the frame of the Inside Out <!–about outside privacy–> festival.

What do we do in our own privacy?  What it’s that we would rather hide?

We propose to be indiscreet and flirt this edge between private and public.  The aim is to create an environment for a dialog, based on the reflexion of our choices, what it’s that we decide to show of ourselves and how we hold the control of it.

The idea of this festival is to encourage the viewer to look through our street-facing window while the artist is performing inside the space.The large size of window to the street, helps us to delimited areas. (3.5 x 4 mts.)

We have an inside space for more performances as well.

This performance event will take place on Saturday, August 4th at 19h. In our venue,   Manteuffelstr. 42 10997 Berlin (Görlitzer Bh)..

Send us your proposal and concept to participate via :

See full info:Performance Fest concept