PAF 2019 Berlin

PAF performance art festival 2019 berlin flyer

This year BcmA is taking part on the Performing Arts Festival Berlin happening from  28.05 – 02-06.2019

Come and join us these four days of diverse performing and get to meet the artists.

The Vernissage will be next Wednesday 29.05. at 19:19h.

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gemelos2000 & guests

In Memoriam Witold Gombrowicz

In the fourth year of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival as well,

gemelos2000 & guests invite the audience to join them in a multi-day, interactive and especially interdisciplinary happening by Berlin performance artists.

The admission is free.

+ Artists:


(• Thora Hohberg)

  • … PLUS further surprising artists, which will appear as well.

+ Videos:

+ BcmA-collaborators:

  • Melissa Ortega
  • Ricardo de Larrea Remiro


Here is the link for the whole timetable:

And to the event on Facebook:

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