Photography Workshop by Txuca: Portraying People

This 3-hour photography workshop investigates a number of different approaches to achieve a significant portrait. Through viewing and analyzing images of various artists works, and the works presented by students in class, one will learn to observe and transmit. In the portrait the viewer will perceive the feelings of the subject due to the agility of the creator at capturing. With the wealth of this photographic modality, creativity should have no limits.

The craft of representing a person in a single still image is to be considered a skilled and complex task. Portraying People is a practical and analytical photography workshop aimed at those who want to approach portrait photography by presenting the subject in his being, making each project a personal and intimate work. The goal is to display the likeness, personality and mood of the subject. The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in portrait photography – professionals and amateurs. The class is designed to develop an understanding of the genre of photographic portraiture by analyze and exchange ideas and opinions of a selection of images made by different photographers, and the works presented by the students. In this way, a community of authors will be created with mutual interests – to share personal experiences, improving on individual projects.

A great deal of attention is paid to different aspects of the picture-making process and the conditions surrounding that process. For instance, choosing a suitable background, format, composition, directing the subject. The workshop assignment for each student will be to bring the following for discussion: three portraits of favorite photographers and three portraits by the student. The three portraits by the student should be portraits of three different subjects.

Pricing & Duration: 30€ per person for three hours.

Group Size: 3-6

Date: 2nd of November, 2013

Location: Kleiner Salon – Berlin con mucho arte – Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997, Kreuzberg, Berlin

About The Workshop Instructor

Txuca was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Nowdays, she is Berlin-based photographer and works between Berlin, Madrid and NYC. She is a visual creator communicating with the viewer by experimenting with technique and art, transmitting feelings and moods. Her interest in the search for the uniqueness in every face and her attraction to the body language and creation, have led her to become a portrait photographer of individuals and performing arts. After studying Bachelor of Arts and then Illustration, she gained a BA in Audiovisual Communication from the UEM European University of Madrid in 2000. She moved to Berlin in September 2012 where she continues her own style of photography on the performing arts and portraiture photography. Currently she works as a photography instructor at Slow Travel Berlin. Txuca had individual and collective exhibitions in Berlin, Madrid and New York City. She won the Jury Prize in the “El Regalo” contest by PhotoEspaña and Madrid’s Noche en Blanco in 2009, and a finalist in “FotoActivate” contest by InspirAction and Vice Magazine in 2009.

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