Screening: “How to love” internet video selection

Screening of How to love on 7th of November, 2014.

How to love is an eclectic selection of Internet videos curated by Angela Kaisers, Laura G. Jones and Lorena Juan Gutiérrez

To love someone romantically is to experience a strong desire for union with someone who is deemed entirely unique. But is this intense emotional experience a universal experience, something that is characteristically and quintessentially human, or is it merely a sociocultural construct that belongs to a particular time and place? How to love asks: Is romantic love an artificial emotion for which we are programmed by popular culture?

In the frame of the Artistic Dialogue taking place at Kleiner Salon, the artists Angela Kaisers and Laura G Jones, along with academic mentor Lorena Juan Gutiérrez, invite you to join them in a creative journey through love, lust and everything in-between.

This social experiment and theory lab is the first event of OUT OF LOVE WITH LOVE, an art project supported by BCMArte.

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