Somewhere in-between-ness with Nazli Kilerci

A dualistic theme by Nazli Kilerci

1. Language is a translucent medium, where “thoughts” and “feelings” are expressed and “things” are identified in a system that consists of words and verbs and prepositions that are brought within a frame of time, space and causality. But what happens, when one wants to pass thoughts, feelings, and experiences to another? Are there enough words to define us, if we are to lose our identities? 2. Once you change the order of the words and verbs and prepositions in a language, meanings are forced to change. Language is often pregnant for (mis)understandings. 3. Language is saturated with implicit metaphors like events are objects and time is space. 4. From one language to another we are forced to reduce, convert meanings. Translation is therefore an act of a recreation. Manipulations or loss of meanings through cultural codes are unavoidable. Because we made the language a tool of the culture and culture made the language that shapes the frame of our field of view, including our behavior and thinking. But: what is there, out of this frame? What happens when two artists from two different language spaces get together and look for an in-between-ness to redefine themselves, starting from a point, where they accept the language as a medium of (mis) understanding and (mis)communication? The exhibition-project “Does one plus one makes two? Somewhere in-between-ness” will deal with language of thought as a miscommunication tool and take human language as a failure and will look for alternative ways of expressions. The artists will create a challenging dialog, where dialog probably does no more contain an A and a B. Whether one plus one makes two or one will be the result of this experiment. Anyhow: “A work is never completed except by some accident such as weariness, satisfaction, the need to deliver, or death: for, in relation to who or what is making it, it can only be one stage in a series of inner transformations.” –Paul Valery source:, 25.11.2013

Nazli KilerciNazli Kilerci, born in İstanbul, works and lives in Berlin since five years. She studied Film, Theater, and Communication at the Istanbul University, University of Vienna, and the Frei Universität in Berlin. She works in fields of film, video, theater and performance as artistic director, lecturer, scriptwriter and creative producer.

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