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Teaser Flyer for Kanta Kimura exhibition Flatwave 2021 at BcmA

Kanta Kimura presents his new project Flatwave where takes up his previous artistic technique, intending to make an explicit extension into digital space and to focus much more strongly on the performative.


Here/There PassProjects Group exhibition

The first presence exhibition opening this year Monday the 13th of September at 6 pm at BcmA. Here / THEREis an international cultural exchange between Ireland and Germany with joint group exhibitions of visual artists in Wexford, Berlin, Wuppertal, and the Rhineland. Artists: Anthony Lyttle, Bert Didillon, Christian Bolte, Chris Dreier, Fergus Doyle, Friederike Ruff, […]

Lusus Naturae

21 January — 07 February 2021 26 February 2021 Eröffnung / Opening: 20. Januar, 18 Uhr (digital – via Instagram Live, @bcma_berlin) Eröffnungsfeier anschauen hier.RBB Reportage über die Ausstellung hier. Verfolgen Sie News & Updates der Show @vanessa_souli und @bcma_berlin. Bei Kaufanfragen & Information zu den Kunstwerken: info@vanessa-souli.com / +49 151 7531 4940 Alle Kunstwerke […]