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Figure up

Figure up art collective group show 2020 at Bcma

Figure up group exhibition 3 Nov. – 15 Nov. 2020curated by Euan Gray and Witte Wartena Friday-Sunday 12-5h and on appointment perennial-art@email.com Opening Monday 2nd Nov. 17:00-21:00h Opening is canceled due to lockdown restrictions in Germany starting Nov. 2nd. The exhibition locates itself at the nexus between high Art and lowculture and examines the extent […]

Die Form

Art Exhibition Die Form with Die Form - Katrin Bremermann Camill Leberer Jens Wolf

Ausstellung während der Berlin Art Week, in unseren Räumen, vom 07.09.-27.09.2020, Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin. Künstler der Gruppenausstellung:Katrin Bremermann, Camill Leberer und Jens Wolf Die Form Wenn wir es mit “der Form” als explizit abstrakte, und im konstruktivistischen Sinne für sich stehenden Form zu tun haben, ist die Frage worum geht es dann?Bei Kathrin Bremermann, Camill Leberer und Jens […]

Clash Valencia Berlin

The logistically challenging exhibition stands under the sign of possibilities – bringing together two different artistic environments from two different places. The mediation of impressions, such as community, beyond cultural and geographical borders, is the focus of the artistic clash. The exhibition stands in contrast to the tendency of demarcation prevailing in current events.  This […]