Tandem Flight, exhibition by Isabel Kerkermeier and Karin van Dam

Tandem Flight exhibition: This September BcmA opens its door for a visceral artistic dialogue between Karin van Dam and Isabel Kerkermeier. Two artists, distinguished by their unique and in a way contrasted approaches to the treatment of materials and space, will indulge in a daring artistic conversation with each other. While preserving their signature aesthetics, they will seek the mutual aspects of their practices and draw in space together.

Both Isabel and Karin are acknowledged for their brave and bold usage of everyday objects which, seen in their common context, do not reveal significant aesthetic potential. It is artists’ particular perspective and afterwards the treatment and the execution, that puts these objects in an unexpected constellation and blow a different life into them. The research for this exhibition, therefore, is an ongoing process which takes place everywhere and anytime and requires full attentiveness of the artists. These objects, used as a vital flesh of the final installation, are usually spontaneously found on the street, at flea markets or just in a hardware store.

While united in their choice of the materials with which their work, everything that follows in their artistic practices puts Isabel and Karin across each other, rather than side to side. Karin, ultimately interested in form and line, reduces the colour to black, while Isabel, as a contrast, uses rather strong, radiant colours in different layers, trying to find a path between structuring and fragmentation of the room. This exhibition provides two of them a platform for reconciliation of their opposing approaches. In this exciting, yet challenging tandem they will attempt to establish the mutual ground, making it a base for the emerging installations. They will examine whether and how it is possible to combine these objects in an installation that adds up both positions to an exciting whole. BcmA is honored to host this ultimate experimentation.

Come visit the Tandem Flight and join us in embarking the unknown. The exhibition opens with a Vernissage on 22nd of September and continues until 12th of October, 2018.

To see past works by Isabel Kerkermeier and Karin van Dam, please enter www.kerkermeier.de and www.karinvandam.com

Facebook Event for the Vernissage: https://www.facebook.com/events/272522590034405/

Facebook Event for the Exhibition: https://www.facebook.com/events/235971963766691/

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