The Alchemist

Much like the historical alchemists who endeavored to master natural laws in their pursuit of transmuting base metals into gold, today’s artists embark on a similar journey. Through the intricate process of artistic creation, they adeptly metamorphose the raw materials at their disposal into something precious and profound, their artworks. 

In this vein, BCMA proudly presents a collective exhibition that unites numerous artists, each embarking on a distinct exploration. These artists delve into a realm where various techniques intersect with the chemical reactions inherent in materials, birthing their remarkable artworks. They explore a world where different methods come together with the natural chemical reactions of their materials. This gives rise to incredible artworks that spark the imagination. The exhibition celebrates how science and art come together, creating something new and exciting that expands our understanding of creativity.


Andreas Duscha

Anna Dumitriu

Bernhard Vierling

Polina Trishkina

Ria Wank

Sascha Herrmann

Wolfgang Ganter


Vernissage: Monday 22nd January, 6pm – 10pm

Closing: Friday 9th February, 6pm – 10 pm

Opening schedule: Thursday/Friday 4 pm – 8 pm, Saturday 12 am – 5 pm 

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