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On the 23rd of January 2023, BcmA will open its doors to an exhibition which bridges the gap between art and architecture. “The Architects” contemporary art exhibition will host artworks which examine structural form and visionary architectural design.   

Although architecture’s primary function is to create liveable spaces, it is also designed to evoke emotion and inspire, in this way its wires cross with art. This art form is one which concerns us all. A contemporary building eventually will become a part of our history, therefore allowing us to label it as the future as well as the past. Like in all art forms; cultures, civilizations and historical events are associated with certain architectural styles.   

As humans we participate in and connect with our surroundings through the structures and buildings which shape them. As we navigate our way through urban environments, our psychology and mood states are subconsciously being altered by their silent influence. This experience is customary within our daily lives, our eyes passively scan our surroundings, not really seeing, in this way architecture becomes a mundane quality which we often overlook.   

“The Architects” brings attention back to the artistic value of a structure, pausing on a single moment, texture or shadow cast by it.  The raw materials of buildings will be explored through paint, canvas and sculpture rather than steel and concrete. Remember when you leave, the exhibition does not end as you step into the city, each building is an artwork and the streets their gallery.



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    • says:

      Dear Helle, thank you for your question.
      The exhibition opening is Monday 23rd of January and the show runs until the 4th of February.
      We open the exhibition:
      Thursday and Friday from 5pm – 8pm,
      Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 5pm.

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