Wilder Garten vol. 3: Creation Playground

This July the third edition of the event series Wilder Garten is here!

Like always: Bring some art supplies, an instrument, your body and dance moves, or whatever your craft, to take part in cross-medium creative community of artistic inspiration, collaboration, and collective creation alongside, guest musical performers and presentations and exhibitions from talented featured artists.

5 Euro or FREE entry if you bring a wrapped gift of any kind! (i.e A piece of art you made, an old book, something wearable, a neat toy, a candle, a bottle of wine, cookies, anything you can think of! It doesn’t have to be wrapped nicely, just enough to conceal what it is)

Date: 15th of July, 2017

== Open collaborative jam sessions and performances with ==
Wilde GärtenBonsai Banshee — Dex&Doe

=== Featured artist presentations and showcases with ===
Zahra Luengo — Collage – Illustration – Visual artist (https://zahraluengoblog.wordpress.com/) – Decollage exhibition and workshop

Sevgi Can Pekmezci Sargın – Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Mixed Media – (http://www.sevgican.com/)

Satoshi HOSHI – Painter – Culinary Artist – Chef (http://s-hoshi.com/)

Yuko Minematsu – Culinary Artist – Chef at CocoLiebe

INDRI DHARA – Handcrafted accessories and wearble treasures, grown from the earth

Max Nieberding – Artist – Illustrator

Nom nom delicous Japanese Food will be avaiable brought to you by MATOI, with chef Satoshi Hoshi and Yuko Minematsu

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