You Must Be Joking

You Must be Joking exhibition flyer

Humor, often underestimated, plays a crucial role that can be interpreted both as a survival tactic and as a power tool. It is interesting to consider it as a means to communicate one’s position strategically. 

A fun aspect can be when one says one thing and means the opposite or when bizarre aspects that usually go unnoticed are highlighted.

These elements that provoke laughter not only entertain but also offer an effective way to express subversive thoughts and counter-current ideas metaphorically.

In this way, through ironic, objectionable, and critical gestures, humor can prove to be a powerful tool for challenging and subverting the status quo.

With its power to evoke laughter, humor thus becomes a way to stimulate critical thinking and challenge established social norms.

In art, the use of humour to generate reflection in the observer has often been seen over the decades. In the field of contemporary art, humor has become increasingly frequent, perhaps in response to the growing need of both artists and the public to explore and reflect on the current absurdity of daily life.

Michael Johansson

Robert Barta

Jeroen Cremers

Pepo Martinez

Anne Lise Coste

Julia Keppeler

Aldo Giannotti

Stefan Rinck

Anna Steinert

Marlon Wobst

Vernissage : 4th March 2024 6 – 10 pm

Opening times: Thursday/Friday  4 pm – 8 pm, Saturday 12 am – 5 pm 

Finnisage : 15th March 2024 6 – 10 pm

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