Flyer UDK artist students class Karsten Konrad

I found it in my stuff exhibition!

Nothing makes sense and everything is mandatory.
Where does stuff begin and end? What is even stuff? What happens if 18 artists in shared studios gather their individual works and transfer it into an exhibition space?



Opening event 13.02.2023, 6pm – 10pm

Exhibition runs from 13.02.2023 to 4.03.2023

Opening hours:
Thu/Fri from 16h to 20h.
Sat from 12h to 17h.

Student artists from Karsten Konrad’s class at UDK @klasse_konrad

Artists participating:

Fides Stürmann
Maria Steyer
Carolin Martin
Lilith Nossol
Lisa Eckardt
Esther Rosenboom
Katrin Otto
Xuejing Wang
Leticia Achtsnick
Hee seo
Karyna Yarmolynska
Lena Cicek
Clara Höhre
Jonas Büßecker
Marleen Franke
Anat Homm
Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau
Luise Sandberger
Hu JInchi
Sarah Schroth
Chloe Oliver

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